R&D company using psychology to understand people and build AI tools that automate important business tasks.

arrowAbout the project

Symanto focusses on researching and building various AI tools to B2B clients. Among other products, we helped them build a text analytics engine that detects keywords and phrases in responses and automatically clusters them into topics based on semantic nearness within just a few minutes.

Additionally, we have helped them build an emotion classifier that is trained to detect underlying emotions of responses and determine whether the author expressed Love, Joy, Anger, or Sadness. On behalf of Symanto, Technoperia has build multiple remote teams for software development as well as online marketing. We are proud to be Symanto's partner for over 7 years.


The team at Symanto possesses expertise in the following areas:

Front-end Development: Angular 7

Backend Development: .NET Core, Elastic Search

Research Analysts: PowerBI, Reports

Marketing Specialists: UI/UX Deign, PPC Experts, Content Creators

Project Management: Agile

Lessons Learned / Takeaways:

Understanding client needs better than they do

Valuing long-term relationships

Being proactive and pragmatic

Importance of direct and continuous contact with the client


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