Development of a real-time football data tracking and analytics software.

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Development of a Real-Time football data tracking solution for a major Turkish TV broadcaster. Sentio's cutting-edge football player tracking technology is specifically designed to accurately track players in real-time by utilizing state-of-the-art computer vision and machine learning algorithms. Sentio captures every moment of gameplay and produces the most accurate tracking data available thanks to its new generation tracking technology.

Our engineers designed the most advanced infrastructure available for both broadcasters and sports clubs, offering the most compact end-to-end solution for sports data analytics, from operations assistance to multi-channel delivery. We also developed a web application, admin panel, and redesigned the mobile application for both Android and iOS.


The team at Sentio Sports Analytics possesses expertise in the following areas:

Front-end Development: UI: QT, Android: Java

Algorithms: Computer Vision: C++(VS) and OpenCV , Background Segmentation, Multiple Object Tracking(Kalman Filter, Optical Flow), Discrimination and Player Classification

Database: MSSQL

Backend: Java Jersey

Project Management: Agile


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