An accelerated future – switching to remote working

February 18, 2024


An accelerated future - switching to remote working

While many companies were slowly getting used to letting employees work from home, COVID-19 forced most businesses to let their employees work remotely instantly. An excellent example of the saying the future is now.

Shifting to a working from home approach has been implemented in companies at great speed for the sake of employees health. Many argue that working from home is, in fact, here to stay. Though migrating employees and getting used to a new way of working has been challenging for many companies, it might bring a world of positive changes and opportunities if implemented well.

Working from home will allow and push companies to work in a more agile way. The operational model will be based on more flexibility for employees. As a result, corporate culture will be increasingly based on trust and connectivity, both internally and externally, in which collaboration will be the central point. Every employee will know what is expected of them and what their deliverables are.

Companies are currently preparing themselves for this “new normal.”. We expect that working from home will be an integral part of our new reality. Now, we know most businesses have felt the impact of COVID and had to send their employees home. Though, after rain, there’s always sunshine, and we should perceive working from home as a door to new opportunities. For example, working from home doesn’t mean that the “home” should be in the same country. We can now think beyond borders. We can attract talent from all over the world and find the best fit to scale our businesses. Curious about how to do that? Read our blog post about offshoring.

While some are loving working from home, others are craving to go back to the office. If working from home is something you’re getting used to, we would love to share 5 tips to make your new home office even better:

1. Get out of bed (more than 5 minutes before your first meeting): For commuters, working from home definitely gives you more time for yourself during your day. Even if your office is closer than ever, try to have a routine, albeit a short one, before getting behind your laptop. Allow your body to prepare mentally and physically for the day. You’ll be more energized and create more structure.
2. Get yourself a comfortable working space. If you were never working from home before, you might not be the proud owner of a super deluxe office chair that has all the functionalities to make your day as comfortable as possible. A kitchen chair will not do the job. For the sake of your comfort and back, get yourself a fancy chair (your office may even pay for it for you!).
3. Keep your relaxing space separate from your desk and do really keep the work in your newly created office space. Don’t work in the place where you want to be relaxing that night. Keeping these two things separated, though they may be in the same room, will allow your brain to truly disconnect from your mailbox.
4. Go outside. If you have some time to get outside during your lunch or coffee break, take advantage of it. Go around the block or get yourself a nice coffee outside of your kitchen.
5. Notifications off after work: Once you’re done working, make sure to close your laptop until the next day. Turn off any working notifications and close your chats.