Fast, Faster, Fastest – on how 5G looks promising for IoT deployments

January 5, 2024


how 5G looks promising for IoT deployments

Contrary to what popular internet belief may tell you, we now know that COVID-19 and 5G are two different things.

The little G’s on the top corner of your smartphone have been developing fast over the last couple of years, along with the exponential growth of technology in general. The generations of mobile networks focused more on functional developments, such as 1G on voice, 2G on voice and texting, and 3G on voice, texting, and data. From then on, mobile networks became faster (4G). And even faster (5G).

Though the 5th generation of mobile networks may be the speediest we know of, it is certainly not the only distinctive feature of this innovation. Low latency and omnipresent coverage of data allow us to control more devices remotely.
Especially in situations where precision and real-time performance are crucial, such as heavy machinery. This would lead to safer workspaces and operations from a distance. This goes on for many different fields, such as the application of technologies in the medical world that make surgeries and diagnoses even more precise and less expensive. The list goes on and on.

The incremental growth of technology revolves around great connectivity and speed. With 5G being introduced, businesses will have to adapt their operations to free the way for new opportunities. This does not only count for the known devices that we aim to connect in business, such as phones, laptops, tablets, and other screens. We can go way out of the box with 5G; think of connecting and managing cars, machinery, and consumer electronics.

The Internet of Things (IoT) thrives on connectivity. With 5G on its way, businesses that create service platforms for easier management of data will most probably see their revenue grow. As more and more electronic devices can be connected, even more data will be available in this big data world. The main differentiating factor for a company will not be a competition over who provides the most data, but rather who presents the most valuable data. Valuable data is what allows us humans to facilitate and efficiently collaborate.

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