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Get to know us and what have been our driving forces since the company was first founded in 2013

We are an IT offshoring and outsourcing company providing services that help companies scale their IT activities. From project based outsourcing to offshore team development, our experts are here to help you throughout the whole process.


Our mission is to connect Balkan’s brightest IT experts and developers to Europe’s hottest companies that are looking to expand their teams internationally.


Our vision is to achieve equal opportunities in the European IT Development market by building a bridge between Western-European companies and IT experts from the Balkan countries. We want to create a bridge not only in the workforce but also in know-how and expertise. We will foster knowledge transfer between the parties involved and will build our own Technoperia Academies to educate the young people in North-Macedonia on hard-skills as well as soft skills needed to be competitive in the IT market.

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